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Employee-Visitor Management Solutions

Do you have a secure visitor management program for your Southern California business?

With corporate espionage, crime, employer liability and terrorist-type activities, visitor management programs are of prime concern to many companies.

For many businesses, visitor management today simply consists of a guest book where visitors scribble their name and check in time.

Every Angle Inc. has a more effective and highly affordable method of visitor management.

This method has visitors scan their ID (driver’s license or business card) so that all relevant information about the visitor is captured in a searchable database.  A professional quality visitor badge is then immediately printed.

This is an easy to use visitor management system that integrates well with other access control systems.

Talk with Every Angle about visitor management solutions.  You can also keep reading for more information.

Practical, Affordable Visitor Management

Security Surveillance Systems

East to install, easy to use

Security Surveillance Systems

Scan common items…licenses, passports, and business cards

Security Surveillance Systems

No need for cameras or badging photo gear

Security Surveillance Systems

Print first class looking, customizable badges

Security Surveillance Systems

Stand alone to networked systems with central administered enterprise level administration

Security Surveillance Systems

Import employee lists from most databases or active directories

Security Surveillance Systems

On screen alert warnings (sex offenders, prohibited visitors, etc)

Security Surveillance Systems

Quick check-in and multi day visitor possibilities

Every Angle can help your Southern California business with secure, practical and affordable visitor management solutions.

Security Surveillance Systems

We guarantee your satisfaction

Security Surveillance Systems

Custom designed solutions

Security Surveillance Systems

Extended labor warranties

Tell us how Every Angle can help your business with visitor management programs.  Complete our privacy assured online form or call us toll-free at 888-365-7008

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